Energy & Power

Quantum Corporation is focused on providing reliable, competitively priced and secure sources of energy to south-east Europe and the wider region.

Close to 70% of Europe’s energy needs may soon be met mostly from areas currently facing a period of severe instability. At a time of high prices for oil and natural gas, the need to secure entirely local energy supplies – from inputs through to outputs – has never seemed more pressing.

Access to affordable, secure energy supplies is crucial to business and industry, as well as to domestic users. Yet the potential for energy self-sufficiency in Europe is only now receiving the attention it deserves. And Quantum Corporation is taking a lead, setting up local, environmentally sensitive production facilities, using local resources.


Independence Power

Quantum Corporation has a strategic participations in a number of electricity-generating stations in south-east Europe, using locally available lignite or hydropower.

Committed to the most environmentally friendly production processes possible, each operation is an important step in the journey towards establishing energy self-sufficiency, helping to enhance quality of life for consumers and the economic competitiveness of the region.

Strength To Strength

Quantum Corporation is firmly committed to the progress and development of our organisation and of the region in which we operate.

Our shareholders continue to gain from our strong performance. At the same time, however, our success will only be meaningful – and sustainable – if it goes hand in hand with prosperity in the region.

And on current measures, south-east Europe, like Quantum Corporation, moves from strength to strength.