Energy for Prosperity

Quantum Corporation is one of the pioneers in the energy sector of south-east Europe, engaging local energy resources to provide reliable energy to business and domestic consumers. A balanced asset portfolio currently includes strategic interests in five power stations.

Guided by the vision of a region self-sufficient in meeting its energy needs, Quantum Corporation is playing a major part in driving the economic growth of one of the world's most dynamic regions.


Power Stations


Hydroelectric Power Station


Hydroelectric Power Station


Hydroelectric Power Station



The Corporation

Quantum Corporation is a strategic investor in sectors demonstrating a strong potential for growth, particularly power generation a sector boasting outstanding opportunities. It aims to establish itself as the leading energy supply corporation in the countries where it operates. Structured along market-oriented lines, it has a solid financial base and follows a highly-coherent strategy.

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Secure Energy

Quantum Corporation is focused on providing reliable, competitively priced and secure sources of energy to south-east Europe and the wider region.

Close to 70% of Europe’s energy needs may soon be met mostly from areas currently facing a period of severe instability. At a time of high prices for oil and natural gas, the need to secure entirely local energy supplies – from inputs through to outputs – has never seemed more pressing.

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Independence Power

Quantum Corporation has a strategic participation in a number of electricity-generating stations in south-east Europe, using locally available lignite or hydropower.

Committed to the most environmentally friendly production processes possible, each operation is an important step in the journey towards establishing energy self-sufficiency, helping to enhance quality of life for consumers and the economic competitiveness of the region.

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