Corporate Behaviour

Guided by our values, the following key behaviours are essential to achieve our mission:


Drive for Growth

We focus on the individual markets in which we operate and passionately seek to achieve consistent growth. We set ambitious performance targets to produce superior returns for our stakeholders. We constantly search for best practice and rigorously pursue efficiency and excellence in our operations. We are reliable and results-oriented.


Focusing on the future

Never satisfied with the status quo, we constantly look to the future and the opportunities it brings. We promote constructive change and readily accept such change when it comes. Innovation is the key to improvement and we constantly seek ways to improve what we do. We value creativity and seek ways to build solutions ahead of crisis



We accomplish more by actively working together, sharing our talents and resources and always sensitive as to how our actions may affect others. We value one another's insight and cooperation and trust their good intentions.



Maximum performance can be achieved only through a strong, capable leadership at all levels of our company. We strive to grow our leadership skills and to reward effective leaders. Our leaders provide the motivation, guidance, coaching and creativity to inspire the best from our teams. They recognize and reward superior knowledge, competence and performance. Every leader is dedicated to the company’s values and behaviours and strives for the interests of the entire group.


Diversity and Development

We value our people. We serve a diverse world and we seek to reflect that diversity in the approach we take to all our tasks. Our company and our colleagues thrive when exposed to different perspectives and methods. We invest in our people with consistent coaching and meaningful development to help them reach their maximum potential.