Quantum Believes

South-East Europe is one of the world’s most dynamic regions, with a wealth of natural resources and outstanding human capital.

Despite these advantages, however, countries of the region have yet to effectively mobilise their resources for the public benefit. As a result, key indicators such as per capita income remain considerably below the European Union average.

The challenge, then, is to put those resources to work, securing strong economic growth and broader prosperity for years to come.


Our Vision

To contribute to the prosperity of south-east Europe by making the region self-sufficient in domestic energy sources, generated with consideration for the human and natural environment.


Our Mission

Our mission is to put the region’s resources to work, establish south-east Europe as a region self-sufficient in energy and secure strong economic growth and broader prosperity for years to come, while at the same time creating superior value for our shareholders and excellent opportunities for our staff.

Our Advantage

Quantum Corporation is firmly and responsibly nested in local communities. With a clear and exclusive focus on producing and supplying energy in south-east Europe, we have exceptional knowledge of the region and its resources. That expertise delivers energy to customers, opportunities to staff and performance to shareholders.



Our Values

Quantum Corporation has a strategic participations according to clearly defined principles, establishing reliable, transparent relationships with customers, staff and shareholders.


We appreciate and celebrate the work of our staff, and are considerate to the needs and norms of the communities in which we operate.


Each and every Quantum Corporation project is carefully assessed in terms of its wider impact – political, social, economic and environmental. Integrity is not just about being seen to do the right thing. It is about doing the right thing, here and now.


We operate in a fast-changing, capital-intensive industry. Responding to opportunities and alert to potential risks, Quantum Corporation has the experience to navigate and grow amid change.


The source of our strength lies in our determination to open up new vistas and explore different ideas. We encourage the transfer of knowledge because in this way ignorance is replaced by understanding.